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of the 43rd

The Book

about THE BOOK

By Michael R. Spradlin

Bravery, Strength, and Grit . . .

Sons of the 43rd tells the story of two men who left their small-town America to travel around the world and fight an enemy they had never met. One man survived World War II and the other disappeared, his fate unknown until a chance discovery fifty years later.


Delmar Dotson of Pound, Virginia, lost his father and grew up in an orphanage. The disappearance of his plane in the jungles of New Guinea has haunted his family for decades. Gray Allison of Ida, Louisiana, also lost his father but later in life. Both men found a home in the 43rd Bombardment Group fighting the Japanese, first in New Guinea and finally, for Allison, at the doorstep of Japan. He has spent decades investing in the lives of young people.


The story of the men of the 43rd Bombardment Group who fought from the shores of the United States to the Japanese homeland

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SONS of the 43rd

With over 100 historical Images, Maps & Illustrations. Enjoy a sneak peEk! 

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about THE author

Dr. Michael R. Spradlin


Michael R. Spradlin is the author of numerous articles on church history, missions, and evangelism. He has served for many years as the President of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and is a member of Mid-America’s church history faculty. He has lectured extensively throughout the United States and around the world.

About the Author

A look behind the scenes

As the author retraces the Movements of the 43rd bombardment group and the ill-faited crew of the
b17 bomber #552, listen here tojo!

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Author's Note

I had the distinct privilege of retracing the movements of the 43rd Bombardment group, and the last and faitful flight of the crew of the Listen Here Tojo! 


After disappearing on September 15, 1943, the entire crew were missing in action for 50 years before the wreckage and remains were discovered in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.  

All of the pictures on the left were taken in 2016 as I followed in the footsteps of the 43rd Bombardment Group and their South Pacific campaign.

--Author, Sons of the 43rd

Michael Spradlin

Behind the Scenes


The Author

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